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Birthday wishes [01 May 2007|03:34pm]

Happy 39th birthday D'arcy! Hope you have a wonderful one. You are greatly missed and loved!
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D'arcy fans [15 Oct 2006|11:17pm]

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http://www.rotten-apple.net/darcy/ Join! =)

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New [12 Sep 2006|02:30pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi everyone,

I am new to this community (and live journal!) and just wanted to say hi and I love D'Arcy, shes pretty much the main thing that inspired me to start playing bass around 10 years ago. I play in a band in Sydney Australia called switchdolls

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Help... [16 May 2006|04:27pm]


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[23 Apr 2006|10:10am]

Smashing Pumpkins Icontest

Please join and tell your friends! In the midst of a reuinion, I think we'll have more members than ever.

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